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Vitamix – My new awesome kitchen appliance!

Posted on: April 11, 2013

Popeye PowerPopeye Power2So here’s my new kitchen toy, VITAMIX, woohoo!! I have wanted this product for such a long time and since getting it, I have been making smoothies, ice cream, sorbets (no judging, I know it hasn’t exactly been great weather for cold stuff – indulge me) and soups. I’m getting ready to start making my own almond milk, sauces, nut butters etc. Mega exciting stuff!!

The vitamix came just in the nick of time – my smoothie maker had just given up on me. So the first thing I made with it was my awesome, yummy green smoothie – here’s the recipe with pictures to boot!! I also made a fabulous mango ice cream, recipe to follow, and will be posting more recipes I make with this fab, fab product, so keep checking back.

The great thing about the vitamix is that it’s quite versatile for a blender. You can make smoothies, ice cream, sorbets, soups (actually heats up), bread mix (which I will be trying out soon) and sauces. It’s so easy to use and clean, and here’s the absolute best part – it comes with seven years warranty. Is that cool or what?!! Anyway enough of me going on, here’s the smoothie recipe.

Mega Fibre Smoothie
4 broccoli florets
Handful spinach
½ cucumber
1 apple
Inch ginger
1 lime
Cup of water
1 tsp. milled flaxseed (I use Linwoods brand)

Put the lot in your juicer or blender (vitamix) except the flaxseed and juice. Pour in a glass, add the flaxseed, mix thoroughly and enjoy!


10 Responses to "Vitamix – My new awesome kitchen appliance!"

Just curious, why don’t you blend the flax seed? I think it can pass through your system undigested if you don’t break it open….

Hi Adam,

You’re right about breaking the flaxseed down. I use Linwoods milled flaxseed which I should have made clear in my article. Will update it now. Thanks for stopping by.

That makes more sense. One other thought is that I prefer using whole seeds (added to the Vitamix) because they stay fresh much longer. Milled flax is more prone to going rancid, and I haven’t found any downside to using the whole seeds. Chia seeds are great too.

congrats on your vitamix purchase!

if i may comment on the thread below me, be careful with putting chia seeds in the smoothie. drink it right away otherwise it will congeal and be very difficult to drink – hA! 🙂

Thx for the comment but recipe includes flaxseeds not chia seeds.

I saw that Gloria 🙂 I was commenting on what Adam said… I should’ve just worded it that way in the first place 🙂 have a great day!

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